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that would be different from what george w. bush tried to push through. >> well, let me describe, actually, there are five things that i believe are necessary to get this economy going. one, take advantage of our energy resources, particularly natural gas, but also coal, oil, nuclear, renewables. that's number one. number two, trade. i want to dramatically increase trade, and particularly with latin america. number three, take action to get america on track to have a balanced budget. now, those three things, by the way are things which we have not been doing over the last few years which i think are essential to getting this economy going again. number four, we've got to show better training and education opportunities for our current workers and for coming workers. and then finally, what i call restoring economic freedom. that means keep our taxes as low as possible, have regulations modern and up to date, get health care costs down. these things will restore economic freedom. >> so, how is it that different from what george w. bush tried to push through? it is not. it is not different fr
make mistakes. obviously george w. bush in 2000, barack obama made mistakes back in 2008 when he was running for president. it happens. so, look, at the end of the day this is a big, big bruise on the left chin but he will recover. there's no question about it. i'll remind you to put it in context. howard dean was the former democratic chairman and ran for president. so he naturally is a partisan and he will say that. >> to you here, jimmy, alongside all of this has been the issue of fund-raising in london as well, a fund-raiser was held last night for romney in london in fact and many barclays bankers gave money to that. $25,000 to 5,000 were the amounts. involved were executives from banks involved in the interest rate scandal, the investigation that's going on right now in london. does this help with the optics of that 1-99% argument that has been made by critics of governor romney? >> i think that's already solidified in most minds of americans, especially democrats. the question is what do women ages 30 to 50, independents especially, think about this sort of thing. i don't
resolution that calls on israelis and palestinians to work it out. president clinton, george w. bush and obama have all refused. in the 2008 campaign, mr. obama declared his support for jerusalem as the israeli capital, but didn't preclude negotiations. romney himself has declined to criticize the president while abroad, but he unloaded on him earlier this week. >> president obama is fond of lecturing israel's leaders. he was even caught by a microphone deriding them. >> some saw the timing of the ceremony, a day before romney travels to israel, as an efforts to upstage him. democrats denied him. >> that's not true at all because it's john boehner and eric cantor who set the time frame for this. >> polls give the president a substantial lead over mitt romney among jewish voters, but not nearly as big as the lead he enjoyed over john mccain. the romney camp hopes just reducing the advantage will help change the outcome in november. brett? >> bret: wendell goler, thank you. the opening ceremony for the summer olympics is going on right now in london. more than 10,000 athletes from 200
policy pop quiz that george w. bush faced in 2000. a local tv reporter in boston started peppering him with questions about the names of foreign leaders. he flubbed it, he couldn't rather remember a few. this isn't quite the same effect but it is troublesome for somebody who travels, has been the governor and who in the moment seems to be speaking the truth of what he saw. >> joe scarborough and former governor howard dean weighed in this morning as well. here's what he said. >> what's he going to do in israel? look around and go -- >> i'm a tad bit worried about the trip to israel. >> the palestinians should have all of jerusalem and what's he going to do in poland? say hitler was right? >> this is a disastrous trip from one end to the other. do i think he'll recover? probably. but this is probably the worst trip that any presidential candidate has taken. >> robert, worst trip ever? will he recover? >> of course he will recover. let's put this in context. yes, he's running for president of the united states, it's a very important job but he's human and humans make mistakes. obviously
, george w. bush never did anything like this. >> worse than dubya you're saying? >> i can't imagine george w. bush doing this. i can't imagine that. he had some sophistication about foreign affairs. this is shocking to me. >> krystal, this is one of those days where i have to say i appreciate the spirit of the british press. they are willing to step right up there and say what they mean. >> yeah. and you grabbed some amazing material. when i was prepping for this segment, i could have gone on for hours because there were so many fantastic tweets and quotes and headlines and so much material to work with. but honestly for mitt romney, there were essentially two goals for this trip, right? to sort of run around looking vaguely presidential and to sort of slyly remind people of his own olympic success. and in one day he's managed to kill both of those things by insulting everyone and looking the opposite of presidential. looking like he can't even handle, you know, the relationship that should have been the easiest, going to the olympics, going to our friends. it really is an incredible thing
in the united states. going back over the last ten years, since george w. bush forged a very close relationship with former british prime minister tony blair, with whom he was not an ideological soul mate. here was an opportunity for mitt romney and david cameron, peas in a pod politically, both conservatives to try and establish some kind of alliance that could take them both forward. and instead, mitt romney has found himself causing david cameron to come out and push back on this issue of the olympics, because as chris ship knows, better i think than any of us, david cameron's own credibility is at stake over the success or failure of these olympic games. >> well, let's look at romney trying to clean up the mess. but i do want to remind our viewer here is in the states of what david cameron did to take a shot at him in the morning. let's take a look at this morning on the today show, our big morning show here. mitt romney tried to end the static he had stirred up with a "nightly news" interview he did with brian williams. he did it by complimenting now. he has switched in the past just about
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. >> they committed $15 million -- billion dollars. >> the george w. bush institute is working to establish clinics for willen with aids -- women with aids in developing county. >>> the new lighting will be unveiled for the bay bridge. it is expected to create a safer driving experience. the lights are designed to add more light and minimize the flair drivers see. >> reporter: we are live e-- the glare drivers see. >>> we are live checking on the protest coming up. >> trees are toppling around the bay area, in 8 minutes the conditions this summer putting the trees and people at risk. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. >>> i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. we begin with oakland's police chief trying to reachers the city the radio communications did not collapse during president obama's visit on monday. >> we did not have problems with deploying our resources during the time the president was here. the problem we saw began at 10:00, at the time the demonstrators were moving around the city. >> he said despit
of the women's initiative at the george w. bush institute, mrs. bush continues her work on global health care innovations, and powering women in emerging democracies, education reform, and supporting the women and men who serve in america's military. in september, 2011, the bush institute, the u.s. government, una, and the susan g. komen for the care announced $85 million red rivet initiatives, a partnership to leverage our resources to combat cervical and breast cancer in developing nations. my organization care at the honor of having mrs. bush as the keynote speaker at our annual conference a couple of years ago. she was introduced them by her twin daughters, barbara and jenna, who gave one of the most touching introductions i have ever heard. they painted a fuller picture of their mother and reminded all of us of the multiple roles women balance every day in ways that are truly remarkable. as they did, i want to present to you a woman leader of great depth and accomplishment as i have noted but a woman was also a wife, and mother, and a friend to all of us in this room who fight for equali
of distinguished responsibilities in both the reagan and george h. w. bush, and george w. bush administrations, first as special assistant to the president and deputy to the chief of staff, and in the white house as assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs. his many diplomatic posts have included ambassador to the united nations offices in geneva, system secretary of state for international organization affairs, and most recently, as president george w. bush's special envoy to sudan. he is also a longtime member and i think now vice chairman of the board of directors of the international republican institute. so, we are very glad to welcome both rich and michele to this podium. brookings prides itself on being a nonpartisan think-tank and it is in that context that we are hosting this event today. our moderator is a guest scholar at brookings and former chief diplomatic correspondent for cbs and nbc news, former anchor of the nbc "meet the press" program, and also most recently of the haunting legacy. marvin kalb and it's my pleasure to hand over the podium to you, marvin, to c
of george w. bush. barack obama replaced it with a bust of martin luther king, jr. jesus mitt romney where does your loyalty lie? yeah let's put mlk in the back of the bus and put winston churchill right up front. god, romney. and then he gives this interview with brian williams where he asks do you think the brits are off to pulling off the olympics. >> do they look ready to your experienced eye. >> it's hard to know just how well it will turn out. there were a few things disconcerting about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials -- >> oh, this is great. this is great. go to england and dump all over the brits. go there for the olympics and say it looks like it is going to be a total bust. it's hard to say how it will turn out. he didn't make any friends among the brits. >> if you go through all of his mistakes yesterday he is george w. bush. >> no, bush was smooth compared to romney. so i tell you the prime minister really shot back at romney. and basically said you yahoo, what do you know. it's
than george w. bush. >> no. they were avoiding bush, but now he's embracing bush. but i guess when you get in trouble in england you have to do what you have to do. >> it's better than insulting an entire nation. >> you can understand this. because i think the best advice came from e.j. deon. he wrote in his column that the next phase of romney's foreign trip, he says sure he may get better press on the latter parts of the trip -- later parts of the trip. perhaps he'll score some political points in poland and israel. but on the whole and this is what i agree, i think romney will want to stay away from foreign policy. the more we talk about it, the better obama will do. one of the first laws of politics is the thing that your opponent is strong in, keep it off the table. >> try to turn it into a weakness. but you can't turn obama's foreign policy into a weakness. this is the first time in a long time i can remember that a democrat is super strong on foreign policy. that's something he can hold up as a trophy. this i did well. so romney stuck with let's keep it about jobs and economy. i
way he is addressing people who have had success. >> bill: the way i see this george w. bush had almost the same thing that people liked bush the younger, even when his policies on iraq and the economy were going south. they still separated his job performance from the man. and it seems like they are doing the same thing with barack obama. you know, he comes across as very accessible and kind of a certainly not an intimidating man. he keeps his composure almost always. so, while you are saying yeah, that his policy and his view of what american capitalism should be and i agree with that i think he made an enormous mistake saying that entrepreneurs really weren't responsible for their own success, i think that the folks are separating the policy from the guy. do you disagree. >> they always do that to the president. as you said, george bush had high ratings until the last maybe five or six weeks. and i think that's happening to the president. as he tries to walk away from what he just said, i think he is going to hurt himself even more. and you know he is saying he didn't mean wha
of mitt romney. and they will put him in the pocket with george w. bush. >> right. >> and, you know, that's not where you want to be. >> certainly not. and there has been recent focus surrounding mitt romney, and joe, i think it is fair to say that this is a repeat. round three of the bush presidency. and the foreign policy is stock full of neo-cons who will take us back and fight wars here and there. where is the sense of new vision? >> there doesn't necessarily have to be. romney is running a campaign that is very much stealth, talking about issues in a vague kind of way. as governor of massachusetts he doesn't necessarily have a whole lot of experience, so he brings back in some old hands from the bush administration which had a wonderful foreign policy -- being sarcastic there. >> oh, yeah. >> you are talk about john bolton who famously talking about lopping off the top floors of the united nations, and kofer black who is one of the top haunches of the cia before september 11th. and he was also vp of black water. if that's your all-star team then you have serio
george w. bush, i'm the daughter of liberian immigrants. liberian immigrants had a deferred action program that worked very well for many years. there is even a song out where liberian immigrants thank george w. bush, and that being one of those reasons. but i think we have to be, you know, really specific about the community we're talking about, these young people who are future scientists, doctors, lawyers, contributing to american society, aspiring citizens. rick: understood. >> and prioritize the prosecutions. martha: let me just say i think it's very important to focus on who we're talking about. and there are very, very many worthy individuals, and that's who the program is designed for. i think it's great that the worthy individuals could qualify for some relief. the concern is that there could be an individual who is 28 years old at the prime recruiting age for al-qaida who lies to the government, said he's been in the country since he's 7 years old and that individual just by saying he went to high school is now eligible to work in the united states. we've seen how the mex
led the way, actually, with the expansion in the money, the global aids fund under george w. bush, for which he is being heralded and bill clinton has led the way as well in communicating this around the world, the importance of all of this. hillary clinton added money to it this year. but at the same time, when will we see a vaccine? >> a vaccine is still in the stage of scientific discovery. we don't have a vaccine yet. we had a trial that was only moderately effective, not ready for prime time. but the scientific advances that will give us a vaccine and we can't predict when, if you put that in the combination of preventions, then that trajectory decrease will be even greater. >> dr. fauci, thank you for your leadership on this. it's really inspiring. we will continue this conversation throughout the year, not only when the world is watching. >> thank you. >>> up next, the politics of gun control. the candidates go on the record. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't have to use gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. drive a
bush, to president clinton, to george w. bush. the united states has always played a very, very important role as a mediator in that conflict. and, again, and it totally contradicts what he said before about the obama administration not doing enough. so it just seems like this guy is incapable of making mistakes. and you hear a lot of the republicans saying, although he is getting criticized by some republicans, you hear a lot of republicans saying this doesn't matter. i think it does because americans care how they're represented abroad. >> go ahead. >> i just have to jump in about this. i think this is not a good moment for romney, and it just sort of suggest he is not ready for the world stage. but i'm not sure how much american voters care about being embarrassed on the world stage. i mean we did elect george bush twice. and he wasn't exactly, you know, a good ambassador for american culture. i mean he was kind of the typical -- in some ways i think people were proud of his being an ugly american. so i'm not sure how much this matters for voters. i think this is more a case
george w. bush, also served as the u.s. trade rep, served in the house of representatives as well. knows his way around washington. i think he would be a great asset for governor romney. >> greta: thanks you. >> thank you. >> governor mitt romney's world tour. how is he doing on the world stage? john bolton goes "on the record" next. karl rove is here. president obama and governor romney are running neck and neck. what will be more important isn't candidate's likeability or the ability to manage the economy? that's a tough question. karl rove answers that and much more. and it's the story of the three bears that you have never seen. what happened to these cubs? and how did they get out of a big jam? it's all caught on camera. [ femr kids are getting a dependable clean in the bathroom? [ gasps ] think again. try charmin ultra strong for a clean with few pieces left behind. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. charmin ultra strong. every communications provider is different but centurylink is committe
responsibilities in both the reagan, george h. bush and george w. bush's administrations. in the white house as assistant to the president for governmental affairs. his many diplomatic posts including the ambassador to the united nations in geneva, assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs and most recently, as president george w. bush's envoy to the sudan. he is a long-term member and now vice-chairman of the board of directors of the international republican institute. so we are very glad to welcome both rich and michelle to this podium. brookings pride itself on being a non-partisan think tank and it is in that context that we are hosting this event today. our moderator is a guest scholar at brookings and former chief diplomatic correspondent for cbs and ncb news. former anger of the meet the press program -- former anchor of the meet the press program and author of "the haunting legacy," marvin calb. it is my pleasure to hand the podium to you. >> thank you. thank you very much. i assume all of you are for policy fans. and you all realize this is our moment in t
george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. karl, what do you make of these numbers? >> well not good, not good for the country and not good politically for the president. here's a look, jon, if you will, you remember the growth here, number in the second quarter is 1.5%. for the year it is estimated to be 2% though i suspect a lot of people will be lowering their estimates now that we've had 1.5% in the second quarter and 2% in the first quarter. but here's what looked like in previous reelections. when president bush ran for re-election it was 2.6% in the second quarter. and 3.5% for the fiscal year. when clinton ran for re-election it was 7.1% and 3.7 for the year. when president bush 41 who lost his re-election it was 4.5 and 3.4. president reagan re-election, 7.1, 7.2. when jimmy carter lost, minus 7.9 in the second quarter and minus 0.3. this is the worst numbers we've had in the modern era. particularly when he said we tried our plan and it worked. it ain't working for a lot of americans. jon: when ronald reagan took office from jimmy carter, unemployment was up over 1
not ready for the delicate dance when handling the nations abroad. who said that? >> george w. bush. >> some fancy nato -- >> who's name you can't pronounce. >> yeah. >> so you have skipped right over there. >> guess where mittens is less popular than england? massachusetts. this is unprecedented, they went through all of the numbers in all of the years, he is 21 percentage points behind obama in his home state, which is -- is -- is -- [♪ somber music ♪] >> who was involved in the 1946 election. >> i don't remember. >> that guy you can't pronounce. >> look at here -- lyndon b johnson trounced goldwater in 1964. goldwater still care rid his home state of arizona. how about that mittens? [♪ fun-facts music ♪] >> have you guys seen the olympic buttons, the pins that were put out when mitt ran the olympics, that were by the way made in china -- >> yeah >> one is a baseball hat that says mitt happens. [ laughter ] >> that i think -- i don't know why it is a baseball mitt, i think that's cute -- >> precious. >> they don't play baseball in the winter olympi
the obama administration withdrew support for a george w. bush-era plan for a missile defense system partly based there and did it on an important anniversary in poland. >> i just want to thank you and the people of poland for the extraordinary welcome that i've received since i arrived. >> reporter: but the administration has a play there too. secretary of defense panetta just met with the polish defense minister announcing u.s. troops will be stationed in poland. candy, all these moves by the administration also help drown out some bad news on the economy. today the commerce department announced that the gross domestic product, an overall measure of the larger economy, slowed in the spring down to 1.5%. it needs to be about double of that to really spur hiring. now, despite that, the white house is predicting that that economic number will jump upwards by the end of the year to 2.6%. no doubt all of this will be foder for the campaign trail when mitt romney gets back from his european trip. but for now i guess it's mono y mono wherever he goes. >> how much of this is coincidence and not a
right, thank you very much, ali. former secretary of state under george w. bush condaleeza rice says the united states must remember that we're not just any country and we must lead the world again. but how? stuart varney is here to explain. we're talking about how she has written an op ed in the financial times of london today where she essentially is saying, we're not any ordinary country, dog gone it! we needed to take the wheel here. >> she's saying we should lead. i mean, we are -- just step back for a second. aren't you getting a little tired of hearing the administration saying oh, whoa is me, the economy is in bad shape because of europe. because the rest of the world is taking us down. here's condaleeza rice writing in "the financial times" saying hey, we could lead the rest of the world. we could make them follow us. she says and i'm going to quote directly. the u.s. must overcome its reluctance to lead. we will have to stand up and promote the power and promise of free markets. that's the important phrase. free markets. ok, she's talking foreign policy. she's also talking
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)